Audi Centre Sandton – Dealership of Choice

Audi Centre Sandton strives to provide outstanding service levels to their customers, offering a wide range of New and Pre-Owned Audi motor vehicles with excellent after sales service. Their mission is to return satisfactory results to their holding company, Imperial Auto, to ensure long term sustainability and future growth and to be a dealership of choice to their customers as well as their staff. Imperial Auto are the largest auto retailer and distributor in South Africa with a network of around 90 motor dealerships.

The Challenge

Audi Centre Sandton wished to understand how their customers were perceiving their in-dealership experience whether it be during the process of buying a new or pre-owned car or having their Audi serviced at Audi Sandton’s state-of-the-art service workshop.

Audi Centre Sandton also wished to reflect inwards to their employees and ascertain what the sentiment of their employees was, across all levels of employees.

Audi Centre Sandton required an easy and seamless interface avoiding requesting that customers complete in-dealership questionnaires as well as allowing quick access to surveys for their busy employees to rapidly have their say.

Rison Software’s platform, VirtlX, was selected for the project.

Bruce van Rooyen, Dealer Principal for Audi Sandton, captained the project.

Finding the Right Partner

Bruce’s focus was on finding a cloud-based service provider that were open to adapting their solution to Audi Centre Sandton’s requirements.

Bruce was impressed with Rison Software’s strategy, and selected them for the project. 'It was evident from the queries that the team at Rison put to us that they fully understood the project and the details that were important to Audi Centre Sandton as a business.’

The Solution

Richard Chalk, Rison Software Managing Director comments “VirtlX platform fulfilled Audi Centre Sandton’s Customer Experience (CX) requirements with our VirtlX Perceive element as well as their Employee Experience (EX) requirements with our VirtlX Reflect element.

“VirtlX, through our onboard bulk emailing facility, allowed for the rapid dispatching of VirtlX survey-linked emails to customers when they had concluded their business on any given day as well as inviting their employees to take part in the internal reflection of the business.”

The employee surveys were conducted anonymously affording the employees free reign of speech in order to ensure the true sentiment of the employees was accurately measured.

Two surveys sets were created specifically to fulfill Audi Sandton’s requirements focused around which touch points they wished to measure; one with questions orientated towards Customer Experience and a similar set aligned to the Employee Experience.

The touch points in both surveys were almost identical however the underlying questions for each respondent set were different thereby allowing a like-for-like comparison of sentiment externally, the customer, and internally, the employee. As an example; the question directed to the customer about Audi Sandton’s professionalism was differently asked of the employee thereby giving an external and internal insight to the professionalism of the dealership.

A predefined link associated with either the customer or employee survey set was embedded into the emails that were sent out to the customers and employees respectively. The predefined link referenced the aforementioned defined VirtlX survey sets. The emails carried a message requesting either the customer or employee to assess their Audi Sandton experience, at their convenience, by clicking on the embedded link taking them to either the VirtlX Perceive survey set, in the case of the customers, or the VirtlX Reflect survey set, in the case of the employees.

“This then linked back to VirtlX Perceive and Reflect reporting and displayed all the customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) insights on dashboards highlighting areas of success and concern for Audi Sandton.”

VirtlX Perceive is the customer experience monitoring / measuring element of VirtlX and has the tools available to gather targeted CX information and present the results in easily comprehensible reports.

VirtlX Reflect is the employee experience monitoring / measuring element of VirtlX and has similar tools to VirtlX Perceive for gathering and reporting data.

The Result

Audi Centre Sandton was able, over the eight-month project duration, to accurately and comparatively understand the sentiment of their customers and employees across many touch points including professionalism, efficiency and communication.

The results highlighted which departments, from a customer and employee perspective, were performing above expectation and which required focus and attention for improvement.

Bruce comments: "VirtlX allowed me to really gain a never-seen-before insight into my team and my customers. I learnt so much from using VirtlX and, because of its ability to customise reports, I continue to discover more and more!

"Audi Sandton’s overall Net Promoter Score for the project period was 22.5% above the Consumer Brands Industry Average (including Automotive). Reference here. ‍

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