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ABC Holdings Limited is the parent company of a number of sub-Saharan Africa banks operating under the BancABC brand that offer a diverse range of financial services including personal, business and corporate banking as well as asset management, stockbroking and treasury services. Guided by its core values of professionalism, people, innovation, passion and integrity, BancABC is pursuing its vision be the preferred banking partner in Africa by offering world class financial solutions.

BancABC has a proud heritage dating back to 1956. The Group, which has its head office in Botswana, was formed as a result of a series of mergers and acquisitions of financial institutions operating in Southern Africa. This has given the Group a strong geographical footprint as well as a sound understanding of the diverse financial markets within the region. As a result, BancABC has operations in Botswana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The Challenge

BancABC set out to find a solution that would enable themselves to effectively measure their customer sentiment in terms of how they were being treated from a banking experience and whether their banking needs were professionally being catered for overall.

BancABC wanted a system that would be easy to manage as well as being quick and easy for their customers to interact with and still deliver meaningful, rich insights through dynamic reporting.

Arjan Molenkamp: Group Head Retail & Business Banking and author of “A Practical Guide for Behavioural Leadership: Embedding organisational learning for high performance using the MILL model”, took responsibility for overseeing the project.

Finding the Right Partner

Arjan’s focus was on finding a business solutions provider offering a customer experience (CX) survey platform that was cloud-based and that had the capability to deliver a bulk email incorporated, cost-effective service which would allow BancABC to accomplish their performance management objectives.

Rison Software’s platform, Virtl.X People Science, was selected for the project.

The Solution

Arjan adopts an engagement excellence approach to BancABC, an approach which refers to the quality of interaction held between people both inside and outside an organisation, and wished to measure that this policy was being fulfilled by his banking consultants.

Richard Chalk, Rison Software Managing Director comments “Virtl.X People Science platform neatly fulfills BancABC’s requirements.

“Our on-board bulk email facility allowed BancABC to effectively link their customers with the appointed banking consultants in the various branches. Embedded within the body of the emails is a link holding the customer’s relevant data which once selected opens up the survey associating all the relevant information related to the association and displaying the survey in a browser for the customer to rate the in-branch / consultant interaction experience.

“This then links back to Virtl.X: Perceive and displays all the business insights necessary for BancABC to assess the performance of their banking consultants within their numerous branches across multiple countries.” Virtl.X Perceive ( is the customer experience (CX) monitoring / measuring element of Virtl.X People Science and has the tools available to gather targeted CX information and present the results in easily comprehensible reports.

The Result

Arjan’s team were also able to follow up immediately with their customers owing to the instant feedback they were receiving via Virtl.X and in turn BancABC was easily able to monitor and assess their customers’ experiences associated with the assigned banking consultants in the individual branches enabling Arjan and his team to take decisive action where necessary to resolve any issues before they escalated into negative word-of-mouth sentiment that would have been directed towards the BancABC brand and in turn strengthened the banks’ customer loyalty.

Arjan comments: “Engagement excellence with the external customer is often now the most important factor that differentiates an organisation from its competitors. Virtl.X People Science gave me an invaluable insight into how our banking consultants were performing from a customer perspective allowing the bank to act decisively when a customer was not quite satisfied.”

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