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Clicks was conceived as a drugstore in 1968. Clicks Pharmacies offer healthcare advice, low medicine prices and a front shop with a wide range of beauty and healthcare products in South Africa. Over the past decade the group has grown into a leader in the healthcare market where Clicks has a 23% share of the retail pharmacy market.

The Challenge

Clicks wished to understand how their customers were enjoying their in-store shopping experience on a per visit basis. Clicks required an easy and seamless interface avoiding requesting that customers complete in-store questionnaires.

Rison Software’s platform, VirtlX, was selected for the project.

The Solution

Richard Chalk, Rison Software Managing Director comments “VirtlX platform fulfilled Click’s Customer Experience (CX) requirements.

“VirtlX, linked to Click’s loyalty card system, allowed for the automatic sending of VirtlX survey-linked emails to customers when they swiped their Clicks loyalty card at the till-point when paying for their purchases thereby pinpointing which customer was at which store on any given day.”

The Clicks loyalty card has an associated stored record of the customer’s details including the customer’s name and contact details.

A predefined link was embedded into the automated email that was sent out to the customer moments after the loyalty card had been swiped at the till point. The predefined link referenced a defined VirtlX survey set along with the ability to automatically insert the particular store identity that the customer had visited. The email carried a message requesting the customer to assess their shopping experience, at their convenience, by clicking on the embedded link taking them to the VirtX: Perceive survey set.

“This then linked back to VirtlX: Perceive reporting and displayed all the customer experience (CX) insights necessary for Clicks to understand what made their customers happy and what frustrated them about their in-store shopping experience in numerous Clicks stores across South Africa.” VirtlX Perceive is the customer experience monitoring / measuring element of VirtlX and has the tools available to gather targeted CX information and present the results in easily comprehensible reports.

The Result

Clicks was able, over the project duration, to accurately understand the sentiment of the customers across many elements including the customer’s impression of the pharmacy staffs’ professionalism towards them to how long the they needed to wait in the till queue through to the point of finalizing the purchase with the till attendant.

The results highlighted which stores were performing above expectation and which required focus and attention for improvement.

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