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Eskom Rotek and Roshcon is a wholly owned subsidiary of Eskom Enterprises, which in turn forms part of Eskom Holdings. It was established to provide construction, maintenance and transportation services in support of Eskom operations. As an integral entity clustered under the Eskom Enterprises umbrella, Eskom Rotek and Roshcon forms part of a collection of sustainable non-regulated businesses with various interests in Africa. It is their mandate to provide high quality, mission critical services to Eskom in particular, and the electricity industry at large, in support of Eskom's Africa strategy. Eskom Rotek and Roshcon has a rich history spanning more than a century of support to the power generating maintenance industry.

The Challenge

Eskom Rotek and Roshcon set out to find a solution that would enable them to effectively measure their service delivery through their five business units to the numerous Eskom power stations to ascertain whether their service levels were meeting the demands of the power stations.

The services offered by Eskom Rotek and Roshcon are defined in five business units:

    • Bulk Material Services
    • Construction Services
    • Logistic Services
    • Transformer and Switchgear Services
    • Turbo Gen Services

Eskom Rotek and Roshcon wanted a cloud-based system that could readily be accessed by various managers in order to monitor and understand their performance levels in each business unit, and be able to offer an easy interface for their respondents to interact with and still deliver meaningful, rich insights through dynamic reporting.

Phops Matsepe, Head of Customer Service, captained the project.

Finding the Right Partner

Eskom and Roshcon went to tender to seek a solution provider that had a ready-built, flexible and easily deployed solution that could effectively measure customer sentiment.

Rison Software’s platform, VirtlX, won the tender and was selected for the project.

The Solution

Richard Chalk, Rison Software Managing Director comments “VirtlX platform fulfilled Eskom Rotek and Roshcon’ Customer Experience (CX) requirements.

“Our onboard bulk email system allowed for the bulk-sending of emails to large sets of recipients linking the defined survey sets and business units for assessment.

“This then linked back to VirtlX: Perceive and displayed all the business insights necessary for Eskom Rotek and Roshcon to manage the performance of their various business units.” VirtlX Perceive is the customer experience (CX) monitoring / measuring element of VirtlX and has the tools available to gather targeted CX information and present the results in easily comprehensible reports.

The Result

Eskom Rotek and Roshcon was able, over the project duration of fifteen months, to accurately gauge the service level delivery of their various business units in their day-to-day business engagements with the power stations.

The results highlighted which business units were performing above expectation and which required focus and attention for improvement.

Over the fifteen months regular feedback sessions were held with the individual General Managers of each business unit thereby ensuring the results were acknowledged, understood and acted upon.

This approach enabled the General Managers to effectively guide their teams to address the shortfalls that were highlighted and improve upon their results. These improvements reflected positively month-on-month during the course of the project.

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