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From its early beginnings as a growing, independent technology services company to today, as a division of BCX, within the Telkom Group, Integr8 has been a proud partner of Mid-Market businesses who are out to change the game, not give their customers more of the same. Integr8 exists to help company’s realise their full business potential, by enabling productivity through technology. They manage company’s ICT needs, giving them more time to focus on what matters: their bottom line. Integr8 is continually searching for new IT, cloud and software solutions that best meet the needs of mid-market enterprises, finding inventive, cost-effective ways to increase company’s efficiency, helping them get things done.

The Challenge

Integr8 set out to find a solution that would enable themselves to effectively ensure that their substantial in-field technician base was delivering the best service they could to their clients - an ethos which is a key part of Integr8’s philosophy.

Integr8 wanted a system that was easy to manage yet quick and easy for their clients to interact with and still deliver meaningful, rich insights through dynamic reporting enabling them to continually manage their technician’s performance in real-time.

As a result, Karla Kapp – Service Level Manager, and Hildegonda Dednam - Customer Services Manager, took responsibility for overseeing the project.

Finding the Right Partner

Karla and Hildegonda’s focus was on finding a cloud-based service provider that were open to adapting their solution to Integr8’s requirements.

Integr8 was impressed with Rison Software’s strategy, and selected them for the project. 'It was evident from the queries that the team at Rison put to us that they fully understood the project and the details that were important to Integr8 as a business.’

The Solution

Richard Chalk, Rison Software Managing Director comments 'We looked at our VirtlX platform and identified that an enhanced version of the VirtlX Perceive element would deliver what Integr8 required.” VirtlX Perceive is the customer experience (CX) monitoring / measuring element of VirtlX and has the tools available to gather targeted CX information and present the results in easily comprehensible reports.

“We created QuickRate, a rating process that utilises all that VirtlX Perceive offered by way of ease-of-use and reporting and embedded this into the body of an automatically generated email which linked to the Integr8 technicians and the job card that they were working on.”

Utilising the existing VirtlX model and enhancing the Perceive element, instead of paying for expensive proprietary software development, allowed for a rapid turnaround time for the project.

The Result

Integr8 was able to easily register their technicians on their VirtlX profile and associate them with their managers thereby allowing the results to be filtered by manager as well as individual technician giving Integr8 fantastic insights to the performance of their technicians on a job-by-job basis with overall monthly performance figures highlighting which technicians were performing to, or exceeding, expectation and which of the technicians required further training.

Hildegonda of Integr8 comments: “VirtlX's QuickRate Survey provides valuable statistics regarding the performance of our engineers. The Trend Analysis also gives us an overview on the clients’ experience over a period of time.”

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