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Rapid insights to training analytics with VirtlX: Automotive

The motor industry is renowned for the sheer volume of training their employees are expected to engage with in order to remain industry compliant.

Enjoy live, up-to-date, centralised insights to your employees' training status, even if from numerous unrelated data sources, using VirtlX: Automotive!

Nissan Training Academy uses VirtlX for accurate, time-saving insights to their employees' training and engagement.

VirtlX: Automotive comes standard with all VirtlX features

Sign in to a snapshot of employee training status

Comprehensive display of course progress by job role

Multi-level reporting for certification progress

KPI Status reporting

Heatmap for training by person highlighting progress by course

Summary of training by organisation highlighting percentage completion by course

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Ready to leave outdated document and spreadsheet methods behind for gathering employee training, satisfaction and wellbeing engagement?


By utilising VirtlX: Automotive training managers and controllers  are able to react quickly to employee training requirements while saving hours of valuable time that would have ordinarily been spent on manually creating reports on spreadsheets.

Dashboards may be customised to present your specific data requirements.

Looking for an effortless way to gain a holistic view of employee sentiment and training progress across your entire company?


VirtlX provides cost-effective, pre-built tools to assist HR and training personnel in evaluating employee sentiment and training requirements. Tools include:

Training progress insights

Employee engagement and wellbeing

Employee satisfaction and pulse surveys

360° reviews

Peer reviews

Employee appraisals

An incorporated onboard communicator allows for easy dispensing of surveys to a large audiences using:




Reporting assists in evaluating sentiment data as well as multiple course progress and success.

Don't settle for outdated methods - schedule a demo with VirtlX and experience the power of automation today.

The Ultimate Cloud-Based Employee Management Platform - No more software installations or tedious updates.


Cloud-based software with:

Browser accessibility

Interactive user guide

Optional training

No software installation or IT setup required

Access the latest version of our all-in-one management platform anytime, anywhere, and from any device through your web browser

Our interactive user guide and training resources make it easy to get started

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VirtlX’s Powerful Employee Management Platform

client Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it

Bruce van Rooyen
dealer pricipal

Audi Sandton

VirtlX allowed me to really gain a never-seen-before insight into my team and my customers. I learnt so much from using VirtlX and, because of its ability to customise reports, I continue to discover more and more!

Ferial Leech
General Manager: Human Capital

Toyota Forklift

Listen, Learn and Engage with VirtlX, the EIE Group tracks and monitors internal employee and customer satisfaction, specifically aimed at providing our stakeholders with excellent service and products. Our focus is continuous improvement using effective solutions. VirtlX helps us monitor these aspects of the business and to react accordingly, ensuring we are always ahead in the game.

Karen van Diggelen
General Manager: Marketing & Communications

Toyota Forklift

VirtlX helped us implement a user-friendly and effective customer survey program that is vital in our business. Their professionalism and attention to client service made dealing with Rison a pleasure.

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