AI-empowered pulse surveys, employee engagement and wellbeing, 360° reviews, peer reviews, employee appraisals and line manager upward feedback

From an HR perspective, gathering information related to employee performance, wellbeing and satisfaction is key as it helps you to identify the strengths and weaknesses within your business and take the necessary action to improve.

VirtlX Reflect is designed for employee management in the digital age, presenting multiple tools to assist HR personnel in understanding these dynamics enabling ongoing monitoring of performance, engagement, wellbeing and adherence to your core values.

Reflect empowers employees to share their feedback and enables managers to engage with their team members and manage their professional development with insight and purpose.

Key Performance Evaluation

VirtlX Reflect offers three aspects of assessment for key performance evaluation:

360° and peer reviews give individual employees a starting point for understanding which personal skills and behaviours they should address. VirtlX Reflect offers an easy to configure and implement tool to rapidly review and assess employees on a 360° basis, highlighting performance metrics and identifying areas for improvement.

Employee Appraisals allow for a one-to-one review between employee and manager. There are 2 review -style options to select:

* either a rating style review where the employees rate themselves and the manager then rates the individual employee in the review meeting after an open discussion on the appropriate score to be given or,
* a non-rating style of review where the assessment revolves purely around agreed milestones and targets.

Both styles provision for free text comments.

Ensuring your company’s management hierarchy is performing effectively is one of the key drivers to success. Reflect features an effective Line Manager evaluation module for quickly and regularly assessing management skills and encouraging direct interaction at all levels of the business.

Surveys can be configured to your specific needs, using the onboard survey authoring tool. Free text questions may also be posed, ensuring managers a say outside the scope of the defined question sets and giving a complete overview of how managers are regarded by their peers.

Employee Engagement, Wellbeing & Satisfaction

Stimulating and promoting wellbeing and happiness in the work environment can help to prevent stress, reduce absenteeism and boost productivity. VirtlX Reflect offers a suite of reports based on our own Employee Satisfaction Index, an algorithm designed to identify and highlight these dynamics in a manner that is easy to interpret. This ensures managers have the means to make knowledgeable and meaningful decisions for the benefit of all involved.

  • Overall Report
  • Comparative – Rated Entity to Touchpoint
  • Progressive Summary
  • Trend Analysis
  • Focus Areas

Core Values Overview

Core values are the essence of a company’s identity. They educate clients and potential customers about what the company is about and clarify the identity of the company to employees.

Evaluating your company’s core values on an ongoing and regular basis will assist you in ensuring your company is adhering to them. VirtlX Reflect enables you to associate touchpoints within survey sets to help measure whether your employees are living the core values, thereby representing your company in the best possible light.


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