Corporate bespoke online training

Keeping your employees fully trained in your services and products, as well as best practice, compliance and personal development, allows your company to present the best trained people to your clients.

VirtlX Enrich provides a means to upskill employees by dispensing online training bespoke to the company’s requirements and also gives you access to third party training materials.

VirtlX Enrich enables you to easily create your own in-house training modules, to deliver ongoing, relevant training for your employees and monitor their progress.

VirtlX Enrich is cost-effective and scalable, enabling you to start small and escalate your training as the company grows.

Course Material Portal

Author and upload your own study materials relevant to specific aspects of your business. Material that is bespoke and potentially confidential to your business may be uploaded and distributed easily and securely to your employees for in-house training and assessment.

Material uploads could include:

  • Product knowledge
  • Health and safety training
  • Company policy and procedural guidelines

Test Authoring Tool

The AuthorZone Tests function allows you to align measurable tests to your course material, so regular testing and assessing of employees ensures they are knowledgeable in the relevant aspects of your business. This is a simple process; the Test Builder offers numerous question styles with a flexible interface for customising your tests.

Progress Reports

Progress reports give you an insight into how your employees are progressing with the study material allocated to them. This is accessible through dedicated, individual employee profiles and related tests, including the outcome results.


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