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"If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near!" - Jack Welch

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From our Founder / CEO: Richard Chalk

"There is an urgent need and at the same time exciting opportunity for organizations to focus much more on engagement excellence. For the last 10 years, we have tested and developed the VirtlX concept to create the best tool for organizations that aim for engagement excellence.

"We also applied the same engagement excellence to gather input from almost 100 executives to better understand their needs and get feedback on our proposition. The outcome of these engagements has resulted in the current functionality and features of VirtlX. We have created this Vision document for you to better understand what VirtlX, as the most preferred partner for growth and futureproofing, will do for you!"

Can you keep up with all the changes?

A changing world

The world is changing rapidly as new technology and globalization disrupt entire industries. At the same time, customer behaviour and (new generation) staff expectations seem to be inconsistent and unpredictable. No wonder organizations find it difficult to fully understand what’s happening, how it will impact them, and what to do next.

We believe that many organizations face threats like these that could ultimately have a devastating impact. Regardless of how strong an organization is today it could, in the end, go down if it is not able to adapt to these challenges.

Data-driven is the future but what data do you use?

Data is the future

Organizations have to become more adaptable to this changing environment. This implies that they should manage their business (more) based on Outside-in data rather than the current Inside-out data.

Inside-out data are for example Key Performance Indicators that are related to existing processes and existing products. They give insights into how your company would perform if the world was not constantly changing. They are Lagging Indicators that may only show what is happening in the outer world when it is too late.




To better manage your business and become future-proof, you need Leading Indicators on how the world is changing to better prepare yourself for a bright future. However, this also requires a different mindset.

Are you treating your employees and customers as your most valuable assets?

Valuable assets

Beyond the urgent need for Leading indicators, there is also an exciting opportunity to better use excellent sources of Outside-in data. The only thing that is required is a change of mindset, realizing that your employees and customers are your best source of data. Organizations should harvest these Outside-in data on the experience of employees and customers.

Engaging with your customers and employees and showing more usage and appreciation of their input will go a long way in terms of organizational benefits. You will get more involved employees, that are happier when they are more appreciated. This will also result in better service, more market-driven product development and more Outside-in engagement with customers. This will make customers happier and more loyal, which will reflect in your bottom-line.




Engagement excellence to understand, nourish, and groom!

Three-step flywheel

Engagement excellence is like a three-step flywheel that will spin faster and faster. It could start with collecting feedback from your customers on how they PERCEIVE your organization, products, and people. Some of these insights may go straight to Product Development or Process Improvement but it could also be that there are areas for improvement in engagement itself.

In close cooperation with employees and their peers, you should REFLECT on possible root causes in terms of Clarity, Capability, and Attitude. You may have Lagging Indicators in Performance Management but you would like to understand which Leading Indicators are influencing the outcome of these KPI’s to be able to predict the future.




You should use this self-, manager and peer (360) assessment to identify areas for improvement. To support, guide and coach employees in their development, for improved engagement you should ENRICH their expertise by learning and development. Once these learning are again applied to bring the organization to the next level, another improvement cycle will start to grow to an even higher level.

VirtlX wants to be the preferred partner for growth and futureproofing by facilitating organizations in engagement excellence!

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Bruce van Rooyen
dealer pricipal

Audi Sandton

VirtlX allowed me to really gain a never-seen-before insight into my team and my customers. I learnt so much from using VirtlX and, because of its ability to customise reports, I continue to discover more and more!

Ferial Leech
General Manager: Human Capital

Toyota Forklift

Listen, Learn and Engage with VirtlX, the EIE Group tracks and monitors internal employee and customer satisfaction, specifically aimed at providing our stakeholders with excellent service and products. Our focus is continuous improvement using effective solutions. VirtlX helps us monitor these aspects of the business and to react accordingly, ensuring we are always ahead in the game.

Karen van Diggelen
General Manager: Marketing & Communications

Toyota Forklift

VirtlX helped us implement a user-friendly and effective customer survey program that is vital in our business. Their professionalism and attention to client service made dealing with Rison a pleasure.

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