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What is VirtlX?

VirtlX is a leading provider of people engagement solutions for employee and customer sentiment-feedback creating a single source of truth to assist businesses in making informed decisions based on real-time data that affects their everyday business operations.

How do I get started with VirtlX?

Getting started with VirtlX is easy! Simply sign up directly from our website for a free, no-obligation 30 day trial or sign up via one of our trusted partners.

What is a VirtlX User

A VirtlX user is an employee in your company. The VirtlX license model is orientated around the number of employees you have in your company so if you have 50 employees that you wish to engage with using VirtlX you will need to subscribe to 50 user licenses.

How do I sign into my VirtlX profile?

You will need a username, which is the VX number you are allocated, and a password. The VX number controls various sign in options so depending on the style of VX number, i.e. VXC for primary company profile, VXM for a manager's profile or VXE for an employee profile, will depend on which profile type you will be allowed access to in your VirtlX setup. Access to a VirtlX profile is also available directly from Microsoft 365 if a subscription has been initiated from a Microsoft 365 profile.

Are there any discounts available for long-term commitments with VirtlX?

Yes, we offer discounts for long-term commitments as well as for large employee-count profiles. Please reach out to us if you would like to discuss the discount options we have available.

Do you offer any referral programs or incentives for recommending VirtlX to others?

We have a referral program that rewards you for referring others to VirtlX, please reach out to us should you wish to discuss the available options.

How frequently are updates or new features released for VirtlX services?

We regularly release updates and new features to enhance your experience with VirtlX and we have an open invitation to all VirtlX users to offer suggestions that they feel will make VirtlX better.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription plan with VirtlX?

Yes, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan anytime to better suit your requirements.

Are there any subscription plans available for VirtlX services?

VirtlX subscriptions are offered either on a monthly basis or on a discounted annual basis. The VirtlX subscription model is calculated on the number of employees involved in your organisation. The minimum number is one employee and there is no restriction on access to the VirtlX services i.e. all VirtlX services are included in the subscription fees. Subscriptions are payable in advance and are due once the 30 day trial has expired.

What sets VirtlX apart from its competitors?

VirtlX prides itself on offering an affordable, scalable business tool bringing three powerful solutions, employee engagement, employee training and customer feedback, to a single platform.

What kind of support does VirtlX offer?

We offer an onboard support ticket process which we strive to respond to within 24 hours during a normal work week. You will be notified via email when your ticket has been addressed ensuring your VirtlX experience is seamless.

Can I customise my VirtlX profile?

Yes, we offer you the ability to customize your outgoing emails and text messages (or simply link your Twilio profile to your VirtlX profile) directly from within your profile as well as offering a white-labelling and bespoke customization service for which we quote clients on a project-by-project basis.

How secure is my data with VirtlX?

Security is our priority at VirtlX. We employ a number of industry standard protocols to protect your data.

What payment options does VirtlX accept?

For your convenience, we accept Visa card payments through a secure payment method offered by Stripe. For larger deals we are happy to send you an invoice for you to pay via a bank transfer.

How can I contact VirtlX for further assistance?

You can contact us by email, info@virtlx.com or our online contact form, https://www.virtlx.com/contact, for any inquiries or support needs. We also have an in-profile ticket creator that you may raise support question through.

Is there a trial period available for VirtlX services?

Yes, we offer a free 30 day trial, with no requirement to add your credit card details, to allow you to experience the benefits of VirtlX first hand.

Is VirtlX GDPR-compliant?

Yes, VirtlX complies fully with all GDPR requirements.

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