Create surveys for real time insights into

Customer feedback

Create surveys for real time insights into

Employee performance & wellbeing

Create your own material and tests for employee

Training & development

VirtlX is an affordable, scalable, SaaS solution designed to assist businesses of all sizes in:

- understanding customer feedback
- conducting market research
- assessing employee performance utilising 360°, peer & appraisal reviews
- employee engagement, wellbeing & satisfaction
- assessing managers
- enabling companies to stay proactive with compliance and training

VirtlX delivers a strong ROI with quantifiable deliverables & insights to assist in decision-making towards a people-centric, successful business

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  • Simple approach to customer and employee sentiment as well as in-house training
  • Compatible with existing systems
  • Cost-effective, scalable subscription model with flexible commitment terms
  • Utilises Net Promoter Score* and VirtlX Experience Index methods
  • Up to 20 questions per survey with ability to link multiple surveys into a single grouped event
  • Ability to review regional/branch/departmental data
  • Real-time results
  • Dedicated Communicator incorporating email, SMS and WhatsApp
  • Unlimited survey sets
  • Unlimited survey responses
  • Managed services available
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Integrating Experience Management and Training Software Into Your Business Strategy
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Engage with clients' perception and feedback on your:

- Services
- Products
- Market Research

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Gauge your employee performance with:

- Pulse, 360˚ & Peer Reviews
- Employee Appraisals
- Line Manager Upward Feedback
- Satisfaction, Engagement & Wellbeing Reviews.

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Keep your employees up to date and fully trainined for:

- Company's services & products
- Best practices
- Compliance
- Personal development

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Karen Osborne
Chief Operating Officer
Case Study

Insurance broker

“VirtlX will improve not just our efficiency; the data they will capture will help support the development of our people and enable us to measure and adjust one of our key moments of truth in our client journey.”

Neil Tomlin

Chief Operating Officer
Case Study

Chartered Certified Accountant

“VirtlX enables us to have an overall picture of our company, so we can immediately address any customer issues and ensure our employees are satisfied with their work environment, levels of training and general wellbeing.”

Arjan MolenKamp

group head retail &
business Banking
Case Study

Banking group

“VirtlX gave me an invaluable insight into how our banking consultants were performing from a customer perspective, allowing the bank to act decisively when a customer was not quite satisfied.”

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