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Nissan Academy gathers valuable employee engagement and training information with VirtlX

Nissan Academy, the training arm of Nissan Motor Corporation, is a leading training facility ensuring Nissan employees are current with all aspects of training required to effectively perform their duties.

The Challenge

Nissan Academy AMIO, based in Dubai – United Arab Emirates, set out to find a cost-effective solution that would enable them to efficiently view training data from the various regions in an holistic detailed dashboard model as well as having the ability to engage with their employees on matters such as employee satisfaction and wellbeing, amongst other insights.

Nissan Academy wished to replace a laborious, monthly, Excel spreadsheet-based method which opened itself to being subjected to errors, owing to the manual nature of the task, with an online real-time solution to understand the Academy’s training results from a number of different perspectives; the individual performances of their employees’ training, the overall results of this training by region and the results by specific job role.

To this end they needed a solution that offered them clear and easily understood dashboard-reporting to readily view these results.

Nissan Academy also wanted a system that was easy to manage but flexible enough to change if the need arose.

Ramy Aboelmagd – Nissan AMIO Training Academy DGM and Bernice Kriel  – Learner Management System Administrator AMIO Training Academy, took responsibility for overseeing the project.

Finding the Right Partner

Ramy and Bernice’s focus was on finding a cloud-based service provider that had a flexible cost-effective platform which allowed for the seamless implementation of Nissan Academy’s training reporting needs.

Nissan Academy opened a public tender process to seek out a suitable solution.

Rison Software’s platform, VirtlX Engagement Platform, was selected for the project.

The Solution

Richard Chalk, Rison Software Founder and Managing Director comments “The VirtlX platform perfectly assisted Ramy and Bernice’s requirements as we were able to customize the dashboard to portray their data in an easy to understand representation with the further ability to drill down on the data to gather more detailed insights in near real-time.

“All other VirtlX services were still readily accessible to the Nissan Academy team thereby providing a powerful platform to view their training data and yet still be able to engage with their employees using all the other VirtlX services.”

Richard continued: “Our onboard communicator also assists with the rapid-sending of emails, WhatsApp or text messages to large sets of employees linking the required employee engagement surveys to each recipient’s profile ensuring easy data-gathering for detailed understanding of sentiment across all regions.”

Utilising VirtlX with the customized dashboard allows Nissan Academy managers the ability to view real-time training results highlighting outcomes such as:

  • An overall progressive monthly course certification update against annual targets by job role, region as well as specific dealerships.
Overall Progressive Monthly Certification
  • An overall progressive monthly KPI achievement insight:
Overall Progressive KPI Insight
  • A detailed insight to where individual employees are with their specific allocated training modules:
Individual Employee Training Progress

The Result

Nissan Academy managers are able to sign into their permission-based VirtlX profile to accurately view training data specifically related to the business units under their control which is updated on a daily basis and presented in easy to understand reports as opposed to only being able to view these results once a month after an administration clerk had manually collated all the data on Excel spreadsheets from various regions and then, using the spreadsheet results, build reports to email out to the respective managers.

Nissan Academy managers are now able to make daily decisions on the training progress in the various regions and, specifically, the dealerships thereby steering the management team towards achieving their training objectives in a more accurate and timely manner.

Ramy comments: “Using VirtlX, Nissan Academy was able to achieve what it set out to do; gain valuable insights to employee-training as well as employee-engagement and feedback. Rison Software delivered on our needs for a customized reporting dashboard that has assisted us in being able to better understand our training landscape and to make meaningful decisions based on the presented data.”
Bernice comments: “VirtlX has been a really useful platform in saving us time and effort presenting us with up-to-date training results every day and removing the need to manually create the reports that we were previously only able to present to the various managers once a month. The VirtlX team have been a great help and have been quick to implement features that were specific to our requirements as the project evolved.”

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