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Struggling to engage with employees and customers to identify pitfalls in your business?
Fed up with your departments hiding in silos?
Need a single source of truth for HR and Marketing data?

VirtlX unites


& engages


in one powerful workspace

Your new 'modern-way-of-work' toolkit to engage, encourage and empower human potential!

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VirtlX Engagement Platform, a unified workspace for organisations who believe in their people and wish to explore the relationship between their employees & customers to further enhance their value proposition.

VirtlX - the perfect, scalable real-time toolkit for organizing and monitoring engagement excellence.

VirtlX steps up where other work tools fall short:

Instant Insights: Immediate access to actionable insights to drive significant improvements in business operations, saving time & resources

Efficiency Enhancement: Utilize pre-built tools to assess employee & customer sentiment, eliminating tedious spreadsheets & documents

Comprehensive Employee Insights: Gain unique & comprehensive insights into employee engagement, satisfaction, & wellbeing, including pulse, 360˚, & peer reviews, all within a single day

Streamlined Appraisals: Conduct almost instantaneous employee appraisals, reducing the time & effort required for performance evaluations

Organizational Alignment: Break down silos within the organization with the line manager upward feedback tool, fostering better communication & collaboration

Ease of Feedback: Easily gauge company-wide sentiment with just a click, simplifying the process of gathering valuable feedback from employees & customers alike

Tailored Training: Access bespoke, self-authored employee training material & testing, ensuring training programs are customized to meet specific organizational needs

Holistic Development: Utilize a unique developmental framework to identify skills gaps, training needs, and evaluate competencies, facilitating continuous employee development & growth

VirtlX AI: Detect mood patterns in employee and customer feedback, predicting future trends using historical data to empower proactive decision-making

Easy Communication: Utilize the onboard email & text communicator with ability to connect your own Twilio profile

GDPR Compliance: Ensure compliance with GDPR regulations safeguarding customer data thereby enhancing trust & confidence in data handling practices

What's so special about VirtlX?

When you are working with many tools, to do what VirtlX offers in a single platform, things get rather expensive and messy.

With multiple tools you are faced with many challenges such as losing opportunities because data can't easily be cross-referenced for making effective business decisions or annoying your staff with a multitude of sign in credentials to access all of those tools!

VirtlX helps you work faster and smarter giving you a snapshot view of what's affecting your business, both from inside and out, for you to grow your business by addressing the presented pitfalls and building on its strengths.

VirtlX; the perfect tool for the 'modern-workplace' and 'modern-way-of-work'

Whether your team is working remotely or in the office you need to know the pulse of your business at any given moment.

What's more, work-expectations of the new generation requires more engagement and development keeping them motivated and wanting to stay.

And to compound matters, rapidly evolving customer behaviour is forcing stronger customer feedback-policy in order to stay in business (survival of the fittest).

VirtlX assists companies of all sizes in achieving these objectives on a single platform!

Work smart, not hard! Gathered data is updated live in easy-to-read reports and dashboards accessible 24/7/365

Create unlimited engagement surveys and quizzes in the VirtlX AuthorZone then pop them out effortlessly using the VirtlX Communicator via WhatsApp, SMS (you can even link your Twilio account) and emails to your target audience.

It couldn't be simpler with VirtlX, just select the type of engagement you're looking for:


VirtlX provides pre-built tools to assist you in evaluating employee and customer sentiment. Tools include:

Pulse surveys

Employee engagement and wellbeing

Employee satisfaction

360° reviews

Peer reviews

Employee appraisals

Customer Engagement and Marketing

An incorporated onboard communicator allows for easy dispensing of surveys to a large audiences using:




Reporting assists in evaluating sentiment data as well as multiple course progress and success.

Do you want your employees to feel relevant and for your company to take a dynamic approach to employee learning?


By utilising VirtlX’s Enrich service you may:

Present developmental opportunities to up & reskill your employees

Offer career-long learning

Deliver relevant training for specific skills used

All easily presented when your employees need it most!

Don't settle for outdated methods - schedule a demo with VirtlX and experience the power of engagement excellence today.

The Ultimate Cloud-Based Employee Management Platform - No more software installations or tedious updates.


Cloud-based software with:

Browser accessibility

Interactive user guide

Optional training

No software installation or IT setup required

Access the latest version of our all-in-one management platform anytime, anywhere, and from any device through your web browser

Our interactive user guide and training resources make it easy to get started

Get a sneak peak

VirtlX - a Powerful Engagement Excellence Platform

client Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it

Andrew Blackwell
Sales & Customer Services


VirtlX has been a really useful platform for hosting our e-Learning course and analysing our staff’s responses to this. The VirtlX team have been a great help and have been quick to implement features that were specific to our requirements as the project evolved.

Neil Tomlin


VirtlX enables us to have an overall picture of our company, so we can immediately address any customer issues and ensure our employees are satisfied with their work environment, levels of training and general wellbeing.

Arjan MolenKamp


VirtlX gave me an invaluable insight into how our banking consultants were performing from a customer perspective, allowing the bank to act decisively when a customer was not quite satisfied.

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Learn how VirtlX's analytics and reporting capabilities can provide unique insights into employee sentiment, skills gaps, and training needs

Find out how VirtlX's cloud-based platform can eliminate the need for IT setup and management, allowing you to access the latest version of the software anytime, anywhere

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