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Dunwell Data Protection joins VirtlX Professional Services Network

Dunwell Data Protection brings a valuable service to the VirtlX Professional Services Network.

Dunwell Data Protection brings a valuable service to the VirtlX Professional Services Network

Based in North Yorkshire, UK, Dunwell Data Protection provide comprehensive services to help you remain in compliance with the complex and ever evolving data protection and e-privacy laws.

With over 15 years’ experience in the field of data protection and information governance, Dunwell Data Protection can provide a variety of services that can be tailored to meet a company's specific business requirements.

Dunwell Data Protection specialise in helping the SME and Charity sectors understand their data protection obligations.  If you are a sole trader, micro business, small to medium sized business or charity organisation (either employing staff or not) and you gather and process personal data we can provide all necessary support and assistance in helping you with your data protection compliance.

Some of the service areas Dunwell Data Protection offer include:

   Checking your data protection compliance and undertaking data protection audits;
   Drafting privacy notices;
   Drafting consent statements;
   Advising on data sharing issues and drafting data sharing agreements;
   Drafting data processor contracts;
   Undertaking data protection impact assessments;
   Dealing with investigations from the Information Commissioner; and
   Staff training and development.

For more information on what Dunwell Data rotection can do for your business, visit their website:

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