The CX Group, a new partner to the VirtlX Professional Services Network.

Rison Software welcomes the CX Group to the VirtlX Professional Services Network.

The CX Group, now a member of the VirtlX Professional Services Network, provides a practical approach with brands and people to ensure companies become mature CX destinations. The approach transforms organisational decision making processes to become customer and employee centric.

The CX Group assists companies in staying future fit by embracing human and digital disruptions thereby affording companies the ability to cut through the noise, quickly identifying company-opportunities and consequences of inaction, in a highly competitive and demanding market and, in doing so, keeping companies relevant.

The CX Group help companies build and implement customer experience strategies and ensure that the company's operational, service, sales, HR and marketing functions are all aligned to a common CX vision.

For more information on the CX Group and what they can do for your business, visit their website at:

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