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The VirtlX Professional Services Network welcomes BPC Advisory

BPC Advisory joins VirtlX Professional Services Network

BPC Advisory joins VirtlX Professional Services Network

Sustainable Business Results

BPC Advisory, a recent addition to the VirtlX Professional Services Network, are a team of business specialists with years of experience in addressing and resolving commercial challenges resulting in improved overall business performance that has delivered incremental revenues and sustainable profits for organisations within the UK and internationally.

BPC Advisory come from a diverse background of industries including retail, manufacturing, advertising, utilities, financial services, leisure & hospitality, franchising and not-for-profit with an equally broad range of functional expertise including C-suite leadership, financial, accountancy, digital marketing including ecommerce and integrated social media marketing, brand and FMCG marketing, data and insight, HR, mentoring and insolvency. They work collaboratively with their clients to understand their true business needs and challenges to provide the necessary insight required to allow sustainable changes to be put in place.

For more information on what BPC Advisory can do for your business, visit their website:

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