Rison's 5th Birthday!

Here's a brief summary of how we got here:

* Designed a ground up version of VirtlX.com adopting best practices and processess.

* Applied for a SparkFund Grant to assist with the costs of the VirtlX development.

* Designed and built Dolio.co.uk, version 1, whilst waiting for the grant to be approved.

* August 2019, my wife and I welcomed our first-born and son into the world - that's when the fun really started.

* September 2019, Rison Software won the SparkFund Grant and commenced the procurement process.

* Early Q2, 2020, we started the development of the newly designed VirtlX platform.

* A rigorous, intense and demanding development phase, lasting almost 2 years, unfolded in building the multi-faceted, multi-services VirtlX offering, all done remotely and possibly one of the best uses of COVID lockdown time we could have ever hoped for.

* October 2021, VirtlX is certified by Xero incorporating 'Xero Sign-up and Sign-in' and accessing Xero Payroll people information to facilitate easy adoption of VirtlX by Xero clients.

* November 2021, VirtlX, finally a complete product, released for a worldwide market.

* By December 2021 VirtlX had registrations in 13 countries.

And here we are, January 2022, and 5 years old: congratulations to my team for enduring this epic journey, we wouldn't be here without all your efforts!

Upwards and onwards, here we go!!

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