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VirtlX Company Linking

All your companies in one VirtlX profile!

Access all your companies that you own via a single VirtlX profile

VirtlX 360° Success Management now supports multiple company profiles which allows you to add VirtlX Company profiles for other companies your company owns which, in turn, links them to your primary VirtlX Company profile i.e. access to all the VirtlX information for all companies you own through a single profile.

This allows access to these additional VirtlX profiles from a central viewpoint yet still allows independent access to those VirtlX profiles.

New opportunities

The addition of this multi-company function to VirtlX now also paves the way for more complex integrations to platforms that support access to groups of companies. Keep a look out for a new exciting integration along these lines to be announced shortly! assists companies to rapidly and easily gather customer and employee sentiment, find the shortfall and provide bespoke online training. VirtlX offers a multitude of tools to achieve this and they're all, with the exception of the Artificial Intelligence modules which are quoted for on a case-by-case basis, included in the affordable subscription.

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