VirtlX now AI-empowered!

Our VirtlX Callidus AI module utilises two models:

1.  Data Classification: which allows you to classify data into two categories e.g. predict if data is of positive or negative sentiments giving a clear differentiated insight to where your strengths and weaknesses are within your business.

2.  Value Prediction: which allows you to predict a future numeric value from your data (regression) e.g. predict the Employee Experience Index for future months giving you an indication of where your company will be in the future affording you the opportunity to take immediate corrective steps should the forecast look to be on a downward trend or to bolster your existing efforts to ensure you maintain your trajectory on a positive and strong upward trend.

The addition of the AI models to VirtlX ensure VirtlX is a fore-runner in the Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX) space.

VirtlX assists companies to rapidly and easily gather customer and employee sentiment, find the shortfall and provide bespoke online training. VirtlX offers a multitude of tools to achieve this and they're all included in the affordable subscription.

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