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VirtlX now integrated with OnePageCRM

An exciting new VirtlX integration with is now available

An VirtlX integration with is now available providing a direct link to OnePageCRM Users and Contacts allowing rapid importing of team members and potential/secured client contact details saving time on not having to re-enter these details into VirtlX.

Action every contact in your CRM: OnePageCRM transforms the list of contacts into a simple to-do list. For example, you can assign specific tasks to every record and make sure that no contact sits idle in your CRM. With the Next Action sales method, OnePageCRM users always know what to do next.

Reduce admin and save time: OnePageCRM has multiple automation features; you can generate leads in a click, accelerate your workflow and automate repetitive tasks. This CRM was built for sales professionals and business owners who want to grow their business in an efficient and customer-centric way.

VirtlX assists companies to rapidly and easily gather customer and employee sentiment, find the shortfall and provide bespoke online training. VirtlX offers a multitude of tools to achieve this and they're all included in the affordable subscription.

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