VirtlX Services Scheduler

What a mission!!

So you know full well that you need to be making an effort to gather that all important feedback from your employees and customers but blimey, it's tedious work and you're already overloaded with your current workload!I know this because I am in the exact same boat.

So we made a plan:

Introducing the all new VirtlX Services Scheduler...

Schedule when you want surveys to be automatically sent out, whether it's on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis, then save and forget, simple!

VirtlX will then send out regular surveys to your customers and employees and then, if that's not enough, VirtlX will auto-send reports to your particular managers that need sight of said reports, all whilst you carry on with your normal day to day business... win-win, no fuss!

VirtlX assists companies to rapidly and easily gather customer and employee sentiment, find the shortfall and provide bespoke online training. VirtlX offers a multitude of tools to achieve this and they're all, with the exception of the Artificial Intelligence modules which are quoted for on a case-by-case basis, included in the affordable subscription.

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