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VirtlX teams up with author Arjan Molenkamp

Rison Software’s VirtlX 360° Success Management platform teams up with author of A Practical Guide to Behavioural Leadership, Arjan Molenkamp

Rison Software today announced a new module and integration to their VirtlX 360° Success Management platform of the ForYou-4U model utilised in Arjan Molenkamp’s book, A Practical Guide to Behavioural Leadership.

Usually customer engagement models ask a single question giving one overall score however, as easy as that appears, the single score does not give a sufficiently detailed insight to the most relevant aspects of the customer experience in dealing with the company requesting the customers’ feedback.

Arjan’s 4U model has four simple questions instead of one and allows for actioning immediate improvement on customer satisfaction by monitoring engagement excellence during the 4 most crucial steps of the customer journey.  

The 4U steps are:

·        Understanding the customer needs,

·        Updating to manage expectations,

·        Undertaking in line with needs and expectations, and

·        Up to Satisfaction for the overall experience.

With the 4U model customers are able to rate every step of their experience in dealing with a company generating actionable insights and alerts for the company who in turn may take immediate follow up action in case of very unhappy and very happy customers.

In his book, A Practical Guide to Behavioural Leadership, Arjan explains how the feedback received from the ForYou-4U Questions, can be used for constant learning and development. The book is loaded with examples on how Engagement Excellence can be linked to Action Improvements applying the MILL-model for Interactive Learning Leadership. The goal is to become a customer-centric organization whereas customer-feedback is part of the core-processes to grow the organization.

Rison Software was established in January 2017 and offers SaaS business applications which can be used off the shelf and on demand, as well as business critical solutions that can be customized and white-labelled to customers specific requirements. Rison’s solutions provide essential data which helps its clients increase business efficiency and boost revenues. The VirtlX 360° Success Management platform offers businesses unique insights with VirtlX’s all-in-one cloud-based employee engagement management platform.

Richard Chalk, Founder and Managing Director, Rison Software said, “We are really excited to have Arjan’s model included in the VirtlX framework. Arjan’s model offers our clients a new perspective on how to meaningfully engage with their customers and to easily gather more detailed insights to their customers’ journey in engaging with their company which, in turn, affords them the opportunity to better respond to their customers’ needs and sentiment.”
Arjan Molenkamp, MD, Master Mind said, “Bringing my book to life through the VirtlX platform offers a unique opportunity to apply the principals and methods of practical behavioural leadership into a real world context allowing managers of companies the ability to better understand their customers and respond with knowledgeable insights removing any doubt of their customers’ sentiment towards their company. I am really looking forward to working with Rison Software on this new venture.”

VirtlX’s all-in-one cloud-based engagement management platform helps companies position their human capital roadmap around a digitally inclusive strategy, rapidly and easily gathering employee performance and wellbeing data as well as customer sentiment, finding the shortfalls that need to be addressed within the organization and providing bespoke online training to quickly fulfill gaps in existing capabilities.

VirtlX offers a multitude of tools to achieve this and provides customers with many solutions to choose from within a highly affordable and scalable model.

Tools included in the VirtlX offering:

Pulse, 360˚ and Peer Reviews
Line Manager Upward Feedback Reviews
Employee Appraisals
Employee Satisfaction, Engagement and Wellbeing
Bespoke, company-authored training
Customer feedback on service and products
AuthorZone for rapid creation of surveys and training material
Onboard Communicator utilising WhatsApp, SMS and email

VirtlX offers tremendous value to companies of all sizes ranging from Small / Medium Business (SMB) to international Corporates. Rison Software recently implemented VirtlX Engagement Platform within the training academy of a leading international automotive corporation.

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