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WhatsApp on VirtlX

WhatsApp Business now available on VirtlX

VirtlX integrates WhatsApp for cost-effective, easy communications.

We are super-excited to announce the integration of WhatsApp Business into VirtlX... this wasn't an easy task to accomplish so I take my hat off to my development team and applaud their dedication and tenacity.

This integration now offers a truly affordable global messaging medium for distributing VirtlX respondent invites.

WhatsApp for Business is not like using WhatsApp as you rodinarily do on your phone every day; there are rules governed by Facebook as to how the messaging works and there are fees associated with sending messages however the overall result is that the interface offers a powerful means to communicate with employees and clients.

Free WhatsApp-on-VirtlX trial available on request. Register your VirtlX profile for free, click here.

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