Online Compliance Training from our Partners at Traliant

VirtlX has partnered with Traliant to bring you industry-leading online training courses to VirtlX Enrich that feature modern, bite-sized episodes presented in a news-style format. The course library includes a variety of interactive trainings, including Traliant’s award-winning Preventing Discrimination and Harassment to establishing your organization’s Code of Conduct to help you provide clear guidelines and expectations to your employees.


Traliant’s award-winning Preventing Discrimination and Harassment training features modern, bite-sized episodes that include interactive videos that let them choose alternate endings, while learning to handle difficult, real-world situations. By influencing behavior, employees learn to act ethically, speak up, and prevent harassment and discrimination. Episodes included are: Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, Bystander Intervention, Diversity & Inclusion. This course complies with all Federal & State regulations, editions are available for the US with special editions for California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, and New York City and State. Global, Canada, and United Kingdom editions are available for international organizations.

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