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Thank you to all involved!

A HUGE shout out to say thank you to everyone!

A HUGE shout out to say thank you to everyone that assisted us in giving ideas, suggestions and constructive criticism contributing to what has been a 3 and a half year build-project: we have finally launched the full version of VirtlX™ 360° Success Management in all it's new glory!

I'd particularly like to extend an enormous thank you to the people (you all know who you are, and it'll be fantastic to see you continue using what you helped create) that highlighted the challenges our original procedures presented in the 360 Review process as well as suggesting the Peer Review model; all aspects recommended have been incorporated making the VirtlX™ user experience significantly easier.

Also a thank you to all of you who planted seeds that grew into the likes of the new Line Manager Upward Feedback model, the Brand Loyalty model and VirtlX™ Marketplace.

And last, but by far not least, the dev guys for pulling this monumental development task off!!

Thank you to all of you!

And now that we have a rock-solid base to build on we will be adding a bunch of new features, to the already powerful business tool that is VirtlX™, adding more value for businesses of all sizes to benefit from... watch this space for details.

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