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VirtlX Well-being Library

VirtlX Introduces a library of employee well-being surveys

Rison Software's VirtlX 360° Success Management platform now has a new library of employee well-being assessment survey modules available to all VirtlX subscribers.

The library will be easily accessible to all VirtlX profiles through the AuthorZone Surveys module and may be edited by companies to specifically align with their requirements.

The well-being survey modules cover the following topics:

* Health outcomes and behaviours,

* Subjective wellbeing outcomes,

* Organisational health policy,

* Purpose and engagement,

* Autonomy and skills use,

* Job prospects,

* Work demands,

* Relationships and social environment,

* Working time quality,

* Physical environment,

* Financial wellbeing,

The plan is for this library to be further increased as and when new material presents itself thereby ensuring VirtlX stays current with the ever changing dynamics of employee well-being.

For more information about VirtlX Reflect, click here.

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