Fast, simple customer feedback from VirtlX™

Rison Software's VirtlX™ 360° Success Management introduces a simple, rapid means of gathering valuable customer experience (CX) feedback.


VirtlX™ QuickRate presents a two-option response, from within the body of an email, sent out to a client for feedback via the VirtlX™ Communicator's email and SMS options.

The presented available responses are either 'Excellent Service' for a positive response or 'Poor Service' for a negativeresponse.

All the VirtlX™ Perceive reporting for CX then responds accordingly, giving irrefutable, clear insights to a company's performance from a client's perspective.

Based on the response, clients will be directed to appropriate web pages related to their response, assuring the respondent that their feedback has been recorded. Companies have the option, from within their VirtlX™ profile, to edit these links to direct responses to company-branded web pages, ensuring the company's brand is kept within the customer experience in this assessment process.

VirtlX™ Perceive is a cost-effective and time-saving platform for sending out customer surveys, receiving feedback in real-time and presenting the data in a clear graphical format. VirtlX™ Reflect manages pulse surveys, employee wellbeing feedback, 360° reviews and line manager upward feedback in real time. And the VirtlX™ Enrich platform gives your employees ready access to third-party training materials, as well as enabling you to create your own, and monitors their progress.

So, for a monthly subscription that is within the means of any SME, and can scale up as your business grows, you can make sure there are no rotten apples in your customer services team and see to it that you’re keeping all your customers satisfied.

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